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I’ve created this website to help you discover more about me, my pursuits, and my skills.

Such a cryptic message…

I really have no idea what to put here. Nonetheless, it is being filled with random thoughts. Such is the way of things.

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Experience the next generation of WordPress.

Frost is the ultimate WordPress theme for website builders.

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This is another pattern

Yet, I still have no use for this yet. That will come in time though. Uses will be found and implemented as they should be.

Infinite Designs?

But we’re just human. Therefore infinite is only an idea; something unobtainable for our species. Yet we continue to tout infinity as though we truly understand it.

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Simple, Yet Effective

Frost does promote quite the simple design perspective. I do quite enjoy how clean the elements are both arranged and designed. This makes it much easier to generate an effective, modern website from a clean slate.